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Hobart's Run

The Hobart's Run neighborhood initiative, a 501(c)(3), was launched by The Hill School in 2016 to create a clean and safe community; foster inclusivity; provide incentives for home ownership and property pride; and generate quality business development. 

While specifically focusing on a 900-parcel area, Hobart’s Run engages in a blended approach of revitalization and efforts to strengthen the existing community.  Our “signature” endeavors include a Façade Improvement Grants (FIG program); a Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP); Business Incentive Grants (BIG); and a Block Captain Program, all open to residents in our focus district roughly bordered by Queen St. in the south; N. Washington in the west; Beech, Grant, and Jackson in the north; and Keim in the east. Hobart’s Run also serves the entire Pottstown Borough through our Adopt-a-Trashcan initiative; a tool share; support for Pottstown-wide “clean and green” efforts; and other collaborations with numerous nonprofits and organizations including Pottstown Area Economic Development.  Our name was derived from historical accounts about a prominent 1700s Pottstown family, the Hobarts, and an underground stream, Hobart’s Run, which runs through the area east of Pottstown’s downtown. Thus, the name connects our endeavors to both our geographic focus area and to Pottstown and its history. 

Manager of Community & Economic Development: Twila Fisher

Pottstown Area Economic Development (PAED)

Pottstown Area Economic Development (PAED) is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation originally formed in 1965, as Pottstown Area Industrial Development, Inc. (PAID) to promote commercial and industrial development in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

PAED’s mission is to develop, coordinate and implement an overall economic development strategy for the Borough of Pottstown designed to stimulate investment which will maintain and enhance the tax base; retain and create job opportunities; and restore and utilize or remove under-utilized buildings.

PAED is the lead economic development organization for Pottstown.

Executive Director: Peggy Lee-Clark
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